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In 1976, five piano technicians met in a private home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Collectively, they had been members of the Piano Technicians Guild for over 85 years; all five had been PTG chapter presidents. These men felt that they needed something in addition to the PTG, so the organization of the Master Piano Technicians Guild of America was born. Since that time, the membership has grown and MPT is now an international organization. Many members hold dual membership in both PTG and MPT, as did the members founding the organization. The question most often asked is, "why another organization for piano technicians?" The answer is clear and simple: The organization of Master Piano Technicians has just one reason for existing, which is to benefit members. Each chapter is autonomous. No chapter need follow standards set nationally or regionally. MPT founders felt, and leadership still acknowledges, that each member and chapter is qualified to be self-governed. Additionally, MPT has no student or apprentice members. Through the years, MPT membership has included many talented and nationally recognized members. But the current membership will always be indebted to those five men who had the vision and dedication to bring about a vital and, for the members we know, much beloved gathering of colleagues. (from a 1984 newsletter article)

Current Programs

Currently, Master Piano Technicians strives to reach out to the existing and potential membership in two main ways: through its journal, published quarterly, and its convention-institute. These are longstanding traditions within MPT; and give technicians an opportunity to explain and discuss new techniques and business/industry trends, as well as reminisce about their experiences as piano service professionals. Recently, the organization began offering two convention-institute scholarships to outstanding students of the Randy Potter school. The students will attend the classes, dinner/awards and prize ceremony at the annual convention, in order to build their skills; their presence will also give longstanding members an opportunity to better mentor newcomers to the piano service profession. In addition, members of MPT are free to form chapters in any configuration they desire. Those who have not yet joined should contact a member and plan to form or join a chapter or arrange to submit an article or query to the MPT Journal.
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